DUI - Diving Unlimited International

For 50 years, DUI’s obsession has been to keep divers warm and comfortable in the harshest environments. With our obsession with innovative designs, unparalleled dedication to quality and an understanding of the unique needs of divers around the world, we have earned the reputation of being the world’s leader in drysuits and diver thermal protection.

Gamble Scuba is a DUI Dealer and Repair Facility for DUI non-warranty repairs.

Select Series

Select your standard size from 15 men’s and 18 women’s and then choose your upper body color, seal
choice now including ZipSeals™, and boot style & size.

Signature Series

Made to your measurements and designated with a Signature Series patch, DUI designs a pattern to fit YOU. In addition to selecting the color, seal choice including ZipSeals™, boot style & size, most drysuit styles also let you choose your upper body design. It’s truly the ultimate drysuit!
ZipSeals™ are available as an upgrade on Value Priced drysuits.

Dive wear Insulation Systems

Your drysuit keeps you dry and it is what you wear underneath that keeps you warm.
Consider the coldest waters you will want to dive in and select the insulation for that dive. Being able to layer for that dive means you can wear less for warmer waters.
Combining layers will give you the greatest flexibility for all types of diving.