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Gamble Scuba is an authorized Dealer and Repair Facility

Ansell Protective Solutions

Formerly Trelleborg Protective Products, is one of the world's leading producers of protective clothing and related products. Through world renowned brand names like TrellchemĀ® and Viking, APS develops and manufactures chemical protective suits and dry diving suits, along with inflatable shelters, dock seals and a range of custom-made products for various industries.


Brooks brand name of innovative neoprene diving drysuits, and accessories that has been respected in the diving industry for over 30 years.

DUI - Diving Unlimited International

For 50 years, DUI’s obsession has been to keep divers warm and comfortable in the harshest environments. With our obsession with innovative designs, unparalleled dedication to quality and an understanding of the unique needs of divers around the world, we have earned the reputation of being the world’s leader in drysuits and diver thermal protection.

SF Tech

SF Tech Drysuits are manufactured in our workshops in Switzerland, this way we can guarantee a beyond reproach quality and a efficient after-sales service.

Pre-owned suits

Drysuits that have been pre-owned and can be customized for your needs