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Drysuit Repairs

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Pockets, Valves, Knee Pads - including pockets, suspenders, SI Tech drysuit valves, knee, elbow, and butt pads


Latex seals - including care of seals, latex neck and wrist seals, SI Tech Neck Tite system for latex seals, how to cut a latex neck seal


Silicone seals - including care of seals, SI Tech silicone seals, SI Tech ring systems for silicone seals


Neoprene seals, gloves, & hoods - Gamble Scuba custom made neoprene neck and wrist seals, Nordic Blue gloves, Neoprene hoods


Boots & Socks -  Latex socks,  crushed neoprene socks, Boots by Brooks, DUI, Dive RIte, and a generic heavy duty type boot


Zippers -  YKK standard medium weight, heavy duty weight, relief zippers, wetsuit zippers


P Valves - Dive Rite, Light Monkey, condom catheters

General overview of repairs

Commercial Divers

For all Repairs

Dry suit repair includes the cost of labor and materials

Leak Test

  • Recommend if a leak is suspected - additional charges apply
  • All DUI TLS suits will include a leak test before repairs - additional charges apply

Neck and Wrist seal replacement

  • Indicate if you want latex or neoprene seals
  • Neck size
  • Wrist size  - your dominant hand usually has a larger wrist size, so measure both please

Boot replacement

  • Street shoe size, indicate if mens or womens
  • you can also draw an outline of your bare foot on a piece of cardboard and send it with the suit
  • Is the leg length of the suit OK the way it is? If not it can be changed.
  • Gamble Scuba can ship boots or socks to you to try on - credit card deposit required, there is an additional cost for shipping and return of boots/socks

P valves

Relief zipper


Pocket placement

SI Tech Drysuit Valves

Dry suit Storage

  • Allow your suit to dry completely
  • Store your dry suit indoors in a temperature controlled environment
  • Avoid storing in heat
  • Avoid storing under florescent lighting
  • Keep your zippers clean, and waxed with bee's wax
  • Leave the zipper open


Proper way to fold the suit for storage

  • Lay your suit flat on the floor, with the zipper facing down
  • Roll the suit up loosely starting at the feet
  • Fold the arms in to the center
  • Store the suit in a drysuit bag


Customers include

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