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Weezle Undersuits


Weezle Diving Services Ltd UK

available in the following sizes

Weezle suits come in three weights

Weezle Extreme
The Extreme suit is at the cutting edge of Thermal Protection, tested to 0 °C (and this was with a full flood test!). Instructors using quarries for winter training will appreciate the high thermal properties of this suit, even when wet

Weezle Compact
The Compact version is ideal for water above 8 °C and under cold conditions for Compressed Neoprene Suits

Extreme Plus
For extremely cold water and long immersions


Weezle Undersuits Retail
Compact $305
Extreme $305
Extreme Plus $350
Weezle boots use the same innovative materials as used in our undersuits.
Available in Compact and Extreme Weights.
Weezle Extreme Skin Long Socks
A long sock or boot liner made from Polartec® Powerstretch® fleece
Weezle Extreme Skin Hood
An Extreme Skin Hood Liner


Weezle Collection