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Drysuit Latex Seals

Take care of your drysuit seals:

  • Protect your latex seals with UV Tech (PDF) about once a month, if you use it too often it can over soften the seals
  • Avoid exposure to chemicals (oils and petroleum products that can turn seals to goo)
  • Avoid any cleaning products with perfume that can damage your seals
  • Avoid storing in heat
  • Wash all latex surfaces with soap and water after each dive
  • Rinse in fresh water and wait until the seals are completely dry before applying Talc
  • Apply perfume free talc on the seals before donning the suit to minimize friction and increase the longevity of the seals. Talc can be purchased from NAPA Auto Parts - Tire Repair Talc Powder part # BK 7651339 and from pottery/ceramic suppliers.

Damaged Latex Neck Seal

Try to Contain the mess before shipping

UV Tech

  • A water based protector for synthetic materials and latex rubber
  • Use to protect your latex seals
  • This product will double the life of your seals
  • Use it about once a month, if you use it too often it can over soften the seals
  • Download product information (PDF)
  • 12 oz spray bottle

Wrist seal replacement

  • Measure your wrist behind the wrist bone (ulnar)
  • Your dominant hand usually has a larger wrist size, so measure both wrists please


Latex seal shapes:

SI Tech Latex Seals

  • SI Tech Latex formula
  • TNTD free (rubber accelerator - tetramethyl thiuram disulfide)
  • The leaching process reduces the allergenic agents (latex proteins) to a non detectable level, however, sensitive people may react to any latex

SI Tech long sealing surface wrist seals for deep tendon channel

  • Wrist seals with a long sealing surface that helps seal deep tendon channel leakage


Standard thickness only

  • Latex 100 mm wide base

SI Tech Bottle shaped wrist seals

  • Standard thickness and heavy duty

SI Tech wrist seals bottle shaped

  • Latex 90 mm base that fits suits with smaller arm diameters

SI Tech latex wrist seal cone shape

  • standard thickness

SI Tech cuff ring systems

SI Tech Neck Tite System for Latex Seals

  • Small S60167S
  • Medium S60167M
  • Large S60167L
  • Medium (old Style) S60177M
  • Wrist PU Oval Ring Clamp Set (2 each) 60260 & 60251
  • Wrist Quick Cuff Set Round

SI Tech latex neck seal (Bellows)

SI Tech latex neck seal (flat taper)

G Dive Seals

G DIve latex seals bottle shape

  • Standard and Heavy duty thickness

Latex wrist seal Manchette

  • 1/2 standard thickness at sealing surface and 1/2 heavy duty at base

How to cut a latex neck seal

  • Take your time, and don’t trim more than 1/8” (3mm) per cut.
  • Test fit your seal after each cut.
  • The latex seals should fit snug, but not be tight and uncomfortable.
  • Seals that are accidentally cut too loose cannot be made smaller and will require a full seal replacement.
  • Use sharp scissors
  • Do not use a razor blade, not a good idea


There are sizing charts for how many lines to cut off, but it’s too much of a risk to cut the seal too big.  Just do one line at a time

  • Try the neck seal on
  • If it’s too tight cut the first line off
  • Try the suit on
  • If it’s too tight cut the next line off
  • Try the suit on
  • If it’s too tight cut the next line off

The lines are on the inside of the neck seal

You do not have to cut on top of the line, just use the line as a guide to make a straight cut

Starting a small cut in between the lines

With out a helper

Put the scissors through the opening and cut all around the seal

Hold the seal open while making the cut

Finished cutting one side of the neck seal, work your way around to where you started

One line cut off, now try the suit on and see how the neck seal feels

If it’s too tight, cut another line off

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