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Pockets, Valves, Knee Pads - including pockets, suspenders, SI Tech drysuit valves, knee, elbow, and butt pads


Latex seals - including care of seals, latex neck and wrist seals, SI Tech Neck Tite system for latex seals, how to cut a latex neck seal


Silicone seals - including care of seals, SI Tech silicone seals, SI Tech ring systems for silicone seals


Neoprene seals, gloves, & hoods - Gamble Scuba custom made neoprene neck and wrist seals, Nordic Blue gloves, Neoprene hoods


Boots & Socks -  Latex socks,  crushed neoprene socks, Boots by Brooks, DUI, Dive RIte, and a generic heavy duty type boot


Zippers -  YKK standard medium weight, heavy duty weight, relief zippers, wetsuit zippers


P Valves - Dive Rite, Light Monkey, condom catheters

Diving Organizations


NACD - Cave diving organization


NSS-CDS - Cave diving organization





Amigos Dive Center - Amigos is the kind of place where divers gather at the end of a busy day to run into friends, share adventures and learn more about the latest happenings.


Ansell Protective Solutions - Viking dry suits are developed, manufactured and adapted to the fulfil the needs and requirements stated among divers from the harshest commercial sector, the area of fire and rescue and public safety, from military divers and law enforcement agencies as well as sport and technical divers.


Birds Underwater - Manatee trips, technical and cave diving instruction. Equipment sales,  Gas fills.


Brooks Wetsuits, Ltd. - Welcome to and the Brooks brand name of innovative diving drysuits, and accessories that has been respected in the diving industry for over 30 years.


Cave Adventurers - Located on Merritt’s Mill Pond in Marianna, Florida


Cave Excursions - Technical, cave diving, and side mount instruction. Equipment sales. Gas fills.


Coastal SCUBA - Instruction, equipment sales, gas fills, accommodations


Dive Outpost  - Instruction, equipment sales, gas fills, accommodations


Dive Rite - Technical and cave diving equipment and Dry suits


DPV Repair - Curtis Deremer, Bellview, FL


DUI - Diving Unlimited International, Incorporated is a diving equipment manufacturing company specializing in keeping divers warm and dry.


Ginnie Springs - Recreational and cave diving instruction, equipment sales,  gas fills.


Golem Gear - Diving related merchandise


Jim Wyatt - Cave & Technical Instruction


LHB Industries - sell condom catheters in bulk


Light Monkey - Diving related merchandise


Lloyd Baileys SCUBA - Recreational and cave diving instruction, equipment sales, gas fills.


O. S. Systems - Dry suits for recreational and commercial applications


SF Tech - Drysuits are manufactured in our workshops in Switzerland, this way we can guarantee beyond reproach quality and a efficient after-sales service.


SI Tech - SI TECH AB in Sweden is a development and manufacturing company supplying the diving industry with drysuit components, filling hardware and special equipment for military use. The company has a genuine history in the pioneering of equipment for cold water diving.


United Divers - Recreational SCUBA instruction, equipment sales, and dry suit repair.


Weezle Diving Services Ltd - Dry suit under wear


YKK - Drysuit zippers



News & information


Advanced Diver Magazine - The world's largest and longest established advanced to technical diver publication


Cave - The ultimate site for cave divers


Cave - Where divers interested in underwater cave exploration can learn more about this exciting activity and the training needed to do it as safely as possible.


Rebreather World - We are the home of rebreathers on the net

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