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Drysuit Silicone Seals

SI Tech Silicone Seals

  • Silicone seals can not be glued directly onto a drysuit
  • A ring system is required to be installed on the suit first


SI Tech Silicon neck seal

  • requires ring system - seals cannot be glued directly to suit
  •  Silflex silicone neck seal # 60178

SI Tech Silicon wrist seals (pair)

  • requires ring system - seals cannot be glued directly to suit
  • 100 % UV and ozone resistant
  • 40 % better stretch than latex
  • No latex allergy
  • Fits Modular Quick Change Solutions
  • Easy donning and doffing
  • Quick and easy replacement
  • Interior glide coating
  • Two sizes: Small and Standard
  • Two colors: Black and Cyan blue

SI Tech Neck Tite set includes:

  • Neck Seal (black Silicone or Latex)
  • Neck Ring
  • Lock Ring
  • Combi tool

SI Tech Quick Cuff (Modular Quick Change Solution)


Care of Silicone Seals

Silicone seals are better in many ways than regular latex seals

  • They have more stretch than latex seals
  • Treated properly they will outlast and out perform latex seals
  • Hypoallergenic alternative for people with latex allergies
  • Increased resistance to chemicals, ultraviolet light, and ozone
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Easy to replace seals, once the neck and/or wrist ring systems are in place


Treat these seals the same as latex seals

  • Handle them with care
  • Do not leave them in direct sunlight
  • Do not over stretch the seal more than required
  • Assist yourself with a free hand when pulling the seals over your head or hands
  • Avoid contact with sharp objects, like finger nails or rings
  • Apply perfume free talc on the seals before donning the suit to minimize friction and increase the longevity of the seals. Talc can be purchased from NAPA Auto Parts - Tire Repair Talc Powder part # BK 7651339 and from pottery/ceramic suppliers.


When trimming seals

  • Use sharp scissors
  • The cut edges should be as smooth and straight as possible, avoid sharp angular edges
  • Finish the cut out from the seal edge
  • Do not trim across trim lines
  • Poor trimming can cause your seal to tear

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