Gamble Scuba Dry Suit Sales & Repair

Drysuit Zippers

Prevent zipper damage

  • Keep your zippers clean
  • Wax the teeth with Bee's Wax
  • Leave the zipper open when the drysuit is being stored

YKK zippers come in standard medium weight and heavy duty

  • Rubber suits add $50 on to the cost of zipper replacements

Relief Zipper

  • You can put the suit on and draw a horizontal line for the location of the relief zipper placement with a silver sharpie pen
  • Rubber suits add $50 onto the cost of zipper replacements

Wet suit zippers

Gamble Scuba now carries a limited supply of wetsuit zippers - call for prices


Links to Gamble Scuba repair pages:


Pockets, Valves, Knee Pads - including pockets, suspenders, SI Tech drysuit valves, knee, elbow, and butt pads


Latex seals - including care of seals, latex neck and wrist seals, SI Tech Neck Tite system for latex seals, how to cut a latex neck seal


Silicone seals - including care of seals, SI Tech silicone seals, SI Tech ring systems for silicone seals


Neoprene seals, gloves, & hoods - Gamble Scuba custom made neoprene neck and wrist seals, Nordic Blue gloves, Neoprene hoods


Boots & Socks -  Latex socks,  crushed neoprene socks, Boots by Brooks, DUI, Dive RIte, and a generic heavy duty type boot


Zippers -  YKK standard medium weight, heavy duty weight, relief zippers, wetsuit zippers


P Valves - Dive Rite, Light Monkey, condom catheters

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